About NicheFinder.io

Starting a blog or niche site can be one ofthe best ways to make an income online.

But after building & selling my own niche sites, and working with over 4,000 of my students, I noticed one big problem that kept popping up that was keeping people from having success with their sites.

Picking the right niche.

You see, you can have the best content, amazing backlinks, and a great-looking website …

… but if you pick the “wrong” niche, your sites doomed from the get-go.  Let’s face it: Niche selection is one of the most important parts of growing a successful site. Most often, the best niches are the ones that have the least amount of SEO competition, with the most traffic potential.  But up until now, there has never been an easy way to find these niches.  Until now.  I built NicheFinder.io to help bloggers and niche site owners identify the most profitable niches for their next project.

All my best,

Mike Futia
Founder, NicheFinder.io & Stupid Simple SEO, LLC