Find The Perfect Niche With Our Smart Filters lets you quickly filter through 10,000+ domains so you can identify high-traffic, low-competition niches for your next blog or authority site.

Quickly analyze the landscape for any niche

Easily search for any niche and will show you all the key competitors in the space.

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Want to only look at domains that get, say, 50,000 visitors per month from Google? Easily filter domains on monthly search traffic.

Filter on Domain Authority allows you to easily filter domains on Domain Authority, so you can identify low-competition domains in every niche.

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With, you can effortlessly find domains by specific ad networks, like Mediavine and AdThrive.

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Instantly Find The Perfect Blogging Niche

Instantly discover the best blogging niches. Filter domains on search traffic, Domain Authority, Ad Network, and Indexed Pages.

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How often is the data refreshed?

It comes with the Thrive Architect plugin for WordPress. You can get it here.

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Only if you like awesome landing pages that are rapidly customizable to your needs.

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Your customers will let you know. The best way to find the "right" questions to answer in your FAQ is to pay attention to questions your visitors and customers send you. Your support system or helpdesk will be a rich source of insights about what questions need answering.

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